11.*  What cd did this picture come from?

Ghoti Hook - Sumo Surprise

12.  Mental Destruction's cd, Straw, was released by what record company?

Cold Meat Industry

13.  Name this band.

These 5 Down
-LoL, no LoRuhamah, it's not Aqua, sorry.

14.  Jesse Smith of ZAO, what was his solo project called? (band name)

Through The Eyes Of Katelyn
-Mr. Scary was the only one that knew this, congrats.

15.  Name this band.

Galactic Cowboys

16.*  What cd did this picture come from?

Living Sacrifice - Reborn

17.*  What cd did this picture come from?

Caul - Light From Many Lamps
-no one got this one

18.  What movie did the band Slick Shoes get their name from?


19.  What does the O.C. stand for in "The O.C. Supertones"?

Orange County

20.  Why did the band, xDISCIPLEx, add the "x" before and after DISCIPLE in their name?
(band's name is currently xDISCIPLEx A.D.)

Basically, there was another band named Disciple,
so they just added the X's so people could tell them apart.