This is a list of people from the Rackets & Drapes message board
that are going to Cornerstone 2001.  Everyone here plans on meeting up at CS2001.
So, if you want to meet up, then email me letting me know that you are planning on going.
When you email me, pick your status:

-at least 99% sure
PLANNING ON GOING  -at least 75% sure
-you have no idea yet, but want to
Keep me udated on your status.

In alphabetical order...


CGC with Wuv, of P.O.D.





may be coming soon

a.k.a.      bussy

a.k.a.   factry darkprince




Letha Draven


a.k.a.    red beard
(on the right)

pic comming when one is found...

(the middle one)



a.k.a.  †kurt†


coming soon...

a.k.a. Raxim Koron