Creating wallpapers for my desktop is one of
my favorite pastimes on my computer.  So, I thought
I would share some of them.  A lot of them are not
my own artwork.  Sometimes I just scan a picture,
and crop it to the right size.  So I do not take credit
for most of these wallpapers.

Wallpapers are in .jpg format, and need to be
converted to .bmp format after you save them to your
computer.  Size of wallpapers: 1024 x 768.  If it's to big
for your desktop, 'stretch' the wallpaper, and it will fit.  A new
wallpaper will be available one the 1st of every month,
and hopefully on the 15th of every month as well.

11/01/02  "Parasite Eve - 1"
11/15/02  "TNBC"
12/01/02  "Lain - Navi"
12/15/02  "DB Eye"
01/01/03  "Vampire Hunter D - Letterbox"
01/15/03  "Faust"
02/01/03  "Blood - The Last Vampire"
02/15/03  "Industrial Snake"
03/01/03  "Babe"
03/15/03 "Chatterbox"
04/01/03 "The Cube"
05/01/03 "Mortal"